This is Dataplus

Qualified for solving any IT challenge

This is how the story started

To look beyond data. That has always been our answer to the question: "What is it that you do?" When Dataplus started, the software was still shipped in on pallets. We developed our own license program and soon the pallets disappeared. Things have changed a lot since that time. But one thing hasn't changed: our misson to look beyond data. We are Dataplus.

Licenses have changed but never have disappeared. The IT-market has been transformed completely. By keeping a close eye on developments and growing with the market we have developed into more than just a license delivery service. Dataplus is now a full service provider with expertise in cyber security, cloud services, datasafety, license consulting and Microsoft Surface-devices.

Our mission is to facilitate carefree and safe IT work enviroments for you.

Dataplus takes the lead in technical matters and advises you on more strategic matters. Innovation is of a high priority for us, that way we can develop our services continuously.

The identity of Dataplus


Dataplus is your one stop shop for all IT challenges and cyber security.


We continue to invest in the best techniques and staff to deliver the best IT-solutions available.


Dataplus helps by using clear and simple language while our staff deal with the technical language and complex structures. Keep it simple!


We fulfill our promises. Safe and reliable solutions are very important to us. Your organisation can rely on our specialists.


Constant innovation is key. The best solution might just be something new.

Customer Focus

We value our personal connection with our clients. Together we can make a difference.

Social Responsibility

Dataplus defines Corporate Social Responsibility as being aware of society, environment and conducting business in a way that minimises it's negative impact on the environment.




We try to be as enviromentally friendly as we can. All company cars have A or B energy labels. This is company policy. To prevent unnessary pollution we often have online meetings. The heating and cooling of our building is sustainable, our lights are automatic. Appliances are time-locked and will shut down if not used.

We use virtualised servers to save on energy. All desktop computer have been replaced by thin clients. The screens used are energy friendly. Dataplus recycles printer toner where possible and the printing of e-mail is prohibited. We prioritise environmentally friendly packaging for ourselves and our clients. That way we contribute to a cleaner environment.


Dataplus is involved in society and donates to selected charities.

Honest Business

We conduct our business in a sincere and honest way. No alarms and no surprises. Dataplus will not do business with unreliable partners. The personal connection between Dataplus and clients is very important to us. We will make sure we can trust eachother and look eachother in the eye at all times.

Our company video (in Dutch)