Software Asset Management

Optimal management of your software licenses

Software Asset Management

Software Asset Management or SAM is optimising the process of purchasing, implementing and maintaining software licenses. The goal of SAM is to reduce costs and minimise legal risks with regards to the owning and using software licenses.


The process of Software Asset Management can be divided into four phases:

1. Data collection

The first phase is aimed at taking inventory. Which software assets are available, what license structures are being used and how does this relate to the actual use of the software. To get a clearer picture Dataplus goes into a dialogue with stakeholders. This ensures a complete overview of all relevant data concerning software usage, license position and management of processes.

2. Data analysis

The data that is collected in the first phase will be analysed, discussed and approved. In this way an accurate evaluation of the current license position and current software usage is possible. Combining this data with additional input from the client is a solid basis for relevant recommendations on license position and Software Asset maturity level.

3. Report

After the data analysis a report will be made. In this report we will list the status and advice per selected vendor. If you choose to make multiple analyses it is possible to measure progress. Besides the report that a Dataplus specialist will send, you will receive additional reports by the selected vendors.

4. Evaluation

When the reports have been produced we will present the results to you. During the presentation in our office we will brief you on the results and recommendations. The actions that are required to upgrade your maturity level will be discussed further.

Dataplus SAM report

Dataplus Software Asset Management helps you by mapping your total software usage. On the basis of this information the required amount of software licenses will be determined. In this way you are able to reduce costs.

Dataplus SAM puts you in a solid negotiating position

The best start to a negotiation is a good information position. With Software Asset Management you can accurately assess what your organisation needs. In stead of being pressured by the manufacturer to buy additional licenses 'just to be safe' you can turn the table and tell them exactly what you need.

Dataplus ensures your future licenses

With Software Asset Management you can determine which software is being used and which software fits into the future of your organisation. If you transition to the cloud some legacy software might not be ready to be transferred.

Dataplus risk inventory

Are you meeting license and contract requirements of manufacturers? The risks will be mapped and you will be advised on actions required for compliance.

Dataplus Budget planning

Our SAM-team will support you in making a budget. By doing this you know exactly what to buy and how much savings are possible. A very efficient support for you and your financial management.

Dataplus SAM team expertise

Our experts are being trained continuously and they know license and contract regulations by heart. When they don't they will search and find the correct way.

Dataplus SAM process support

Dataplus supports you by developing a correct SAM-process. If required, we can implement an automated workflow system which reduces the risk of noncompliance significantly.

Dataplus SAM saves time

Software Asset Management requires some of your valuable time. By efficiently managing the process we can save time so you can focus on your key business.

SAM & Dataplus

Benefit from the advantages of SAM


Software Asset Management by Dataplus has two different models; managed and unmanaged


If you choose the unmanaged version we will provide you with a baseline measurement This means taking a snapshot of your current software usage and match it with your license certificates.

This service is exclusive to Microsoft applications and provides with a single inspection of your Microsoft licenses. Everything will be delivered within a single report for a fixed price.

The drawback is that the report is outdated upon receiving it. Installations will continue, employees will come and go, new devices will be added and software applications will be replaced.


The managed version is much more extensive. In this version you are entitled to scans of multiple manufacturers. For each manufacturer we will request license certificates and look into the situation. Dataplus compares the usage of software with the actual amount of licenses available. In this way it becomes clear if you are under- or overlicensed. This will reduce costs and prevent unneeded fines.

In the Managed version we will enter your licenses in the SAM-tool and manage all the required procedures. We are responsible for providing a clear and precise overview of the software being used in your organisation. This will help you manage your software assets.

All this will be reported annually in one or more reports with recommendations of a specialist. If this applies to your selected pricing model.

Would you like more information on the different models of Software Asset Management? Feel free to contact us . It is also possible to request a quotation directly..


Reduce costs and minimise legal risks of software licenses?

Why choose Dataplus?

Dataplus is your parnter in Software Asset Management. We provide you with an accurate overview of your software licensing through clear reports. No more single-use solutions but one clear overview.

If you choose Software Asset Management by Dataplus you will be in a solid negotiation position bij vendoren, omdat u precies weet wat u in huis heeft. Op deze manier heeft u dus nooit teveel en nooit te weinig licenties en bent u review/audit-proof, waardoor u zich geen zorgen meer hoeft te maken over controlerende instanties en juridische risico’s.

If you are considering a transition to the cloud Software Asset Management is the right choice. Because of the clear overview of all your software you know exactly what software you own and how to make the transition.


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