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License Delivery

Delivering software licenses correctly isn't as easy as it sounds. Licenses are expensive and the buying process is complicated. There are many factors which have to be considered and many questions to be answered. The solution to all these problems is License Delivery by Dataplus. License ConsultancyService


What your company needs is an experienced and reliable partner. A partner which will help you find the right solution and the best opportunities within the complex world of software licensing. Dataplus is that partner.

Fully transparant and open charging model

If you choose License Delivery by Dataplus you get full disclosure of our purchase price.

Access to rebate program manufacturer

Manufacturers often work with retrospective rebates. These rebates are shared between you and Dataplus. This works through a fixed allocation which we will agree upon. After the payment by the manufacturer we will deliver the agreed upon rebate.

Order processing procedures

Dataplus processes orders according to a set procedure. This virtually guarantees a correct delivery. We keep you posted by confirming the order and the processing of the order.

Insight into your company's software licenses and contracts

If you purchase License Delivery by Dataplus you get access to a web portal. In that portal there is a complete overview of licenses, pending quotations, orders, license maintenance and contracts. This will ensure you are properly informed of license expiry dates and contract status.

Use of exotic software arrangements

U heeft de mogelijkheid om elke vorm van software op rekening aan te schaffen. Er wordt voor u uitgezocht welke licentievorm er bestaat, welke rechten u verwerft en hoe de levering gaat plaatsvinden. Daarnaast is er geen nieuwe leverancier nodig en wordt de orderbewaking voor u gedaan. Wij hebben reeds een enorme database van exotische software programma’s.

Service Level agreements

If needed, we will set-up an agreement on service level terms. In that way Dataplus records the average answer time of questions, deliveries, quotations, order confirmations and so forth.

One stop shop

Dataplus is certified partner of most software manufacturers. Often with a high status. Your software license needs are in safe hands with us.

Well-trained employees

Onze medewerkers worden bij aanvang getraind op de meeste licentieprogramma’s. Daarnaast wordt er veelal een examen afgelegd. Deze trainingen zijn een continu proces. Door onze investeringen in opleidingen en gecertificeerde medewerkers weet u dat u werkt met een bedrijf met kennis.

License Activation Portal

Dataplus goes further than just license delivery. If required, we will activate the license. Most manufacturers require activation through a portal. Our activation centre assists you in this.

License Helpdesk

Dataplus has a license helpdesk where you can find all the answers to your questions regarding software licenses. The answers provided will be clear and simple, despite the sometimes complex licensestructures.

Contract and maintenance security

In the event of a license agreement, maintenance or cloud license is due to be expired you will be warned in advance. Our intelligent back office systems will take care of this.

Merken van business-software

Business software

Dataplus offers many different business software packages. The vendors depicted are just a selection of our total offering. We provide you of any software you need, even if it's an obscure brand.

Would you like to be provided with expert advice on which software fits your organisation the best and receive the best deals? License Consultancy ServiceYou will be provided with clear advice by software license specialists.

Back office

One of the most innovative solutions of Dataplus is the intelligent back office system. We have invested substantially to provide with the best system. Our current clients who are currently using it benefit from the system on a daily basis.

What does the back office system entail exactly?

Dataplus keeps track of all licenses, certificates and contracts for you. Possible discounts and license classifications are logged. Our back office is paired with your own portal. That way it's possible to get a complete overview of licenses, contracts and maintenance at a single glance. In this way you reap the benefits optimally and are properly informed at all times.

Wondering why an accurate record of software is nessecary?

Many distributors and resellers realise the importance of hardware- and time registration. More often than not, software isn't kept track on at all. Our intelligent back office system provides benefits which can reduce the costs of both time and money.

Pros of our back office service

Al our data is stored digitally. If you require any information, our employers can provide the answer instantly for you. For instance:

  • License Certificates of software manufacturers
  • Sublicensensing
  • Contracts;
  • Maintenance, i.e. payment terms of the license
  • Orders;
  • Invoices;
  • Quotation;
  • Orders;
  • Profiles.

Dataplus relieves you of any concerns. The back office will inform you through the web portal on your software status. Which licenses do you own, how they are composed, which certifcates are involved and what numbers.


Complete transparancy in terms of licenses?


Why choose Dataplus?

Not only are we the inventors of volume licensing but we have also brought Microsoft to the Benelux. We are proud of this achievement. Through the many accomplishments, our experience and satisfied customers, we are capable to relieve you of any concern about software licensing. Dataplus is a one stop shop for license delivery, maintenance and consultancy.

In order to be completely transparant we have composed unique models wherein you decide what you would like to outsource, and what you would like to take in your own hands. Our models are subdivided into popular brands like Microsoft, Adobe, Citrix, VMware, etc. We are certified partner of all of them. If you require more information, feel free to contact us us.


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