Cyber Security

Maximum security and compliance with GDPR-regulations.

Cyber Security

The amount of data breaches is growing steadily. Organisations who become victims of a data breach are being scrutinized in the media. More and more reports of heavy cyber attacks scare organisations every day. The resulting data breaches are most commonly caused by human mistakes which could have been prevented. More of than not information leaking from companies is badly monitored. Cyber criminals are lurking and actively looking for vulnerabilities in IT-systems of organisations. If a security flaw is detected the companies will get hacked and sensitive data is lost. These data will get sold to the highest bidder. That could be any party, including competitors or other countries. Do not forget about the GDPR-regulations. This regulation was introduced into law in May 2018. Organisations have to comply or face sanctions which can be very costly.

Your organisation has to be bulletproof when it comes to cyber security. Unfortunately, most companies have insufficient insight in vulnerabilities. A lot of organisations are investing in expensive cyber security software for a solid security. These high costs do not guarantee a good security policy. Cyber security requires more than just a software license.

A reliable partner in cyber security is paramount.


Initially we will investigate the current maturity level in terms of cyber security. A Dataplus specialist will enter into a dialogue with all stakeholders involved to determine the current status. Afterwards you will receive recommendations on the right software policy for your organisation. If you choose a software package we will facilitate all services required. You will receive reports and tailor-made recommendations.

Extensive Cyber Security Service

Dataplus has bundled all essential security services. We offer penetration tests, risk analysis, phishing campaigns etc. A complete service.

No more worries about cyber security

The service of Dataplus ensures that you don't have to worry about vulnerabilities in your cyber security. The most innovative solutions are available to you at all times. To upgrade the awareness-level we will train your staff. In this way, your organisation is protected from outside threats.

The one stop shop for all security issues and solutions

Our security specialists are at your disposal if you have additional questions or require guidance for larger projects. In this way Dataplus provides you with the best solutions to any scenario and supports your organisation through procedures.

Transparant and indepent counsel from a specialised consultant

The advantage of having an impartial partner in cyber security is that any scenarios impacting your company can be examined in a pragmatic and independent way. As opposed to deploying someone internally who might have an interest or might overlook certain aspects.

Services are always up-to-date and of the highest quality

The cyber security specialists of Dataplus are collaborating with partners on a day-to-day basis to ensure the optimal solutions for our clients. This includes benchmarks to research which solutions covers vulnerabilities the fastest and applying hacking tests to different environments and infrastructures.

The price-quality ratio in Cyber Security

Many vendors of cyber security services claim their product is the most affordable and of the highest quality. Dataplus is an independent partner. We have a complete overview of all vendors and can compare services and prices. In this way we can actually offer the lowest price possible. For your benefit.

Al our services are cloud or hybrid cloud-ready

Whether you use an on-premises IT structure, a hybrid structure or cloud service, Dataplus can provide with a tailor-made solution. In a consultation we advise you on the required services and software for your IT-environment. We are experienced in any kind of IT-environment.

Dataplus continuous service

Cyber security changes daily, hourly or even by the minute. If you invest in our services, you want to be certain that you are safe. By continuously evaluating and reporting we inform your of the actual safety status of your employees and systems.

Time saver

The services of Dataplus are a time saver. By delegating cyber security to Dataplus your organisation can focus on the core business. Do what you do best while we ensure your safety.

24/7 365 support

Dataplus offers support all year round. If you become a victim of ransomware, phishing or any other cybercrime we are available 365 days a year. If the problem isn't solvable remotely an expert support engineer will be sent to you.

Focus on solution

In the end the solution is the most important. We discuss the best solutions for your organisation with you. As a partner we advise you on the best protection available on the market.


Analyse and raise your compliance?

The Pillars of Security

If you decide to outsource your cyber security to Dataplus, we offer different models. These models will grow in line with your security maturity level. The highest maturity level requires the best package. In this way you will be provided the best solutions to grow your cyber security to the required level.


Entry level

Essential basic services performed on a yearly basis.


Basic level

Essential minimal services with additional website and portal. Services rendered on a yearly basis.


Quantifiable progress

Up to date at all times and visible progress Services rendered several times per year.


Ultimate package

Progression will be measured accurately and frequently. Cyber security supports the continuity of the organisation.

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Why choose Dataplus?

Dataplus believes it is crucial that you can work in a carefree and efficient way. Without the risk of exposing sensitive or personal data to the outside world. Security is our first priority.

Our goal is to completely relieve you of any concerns by delivering high quality services and cyber security. Dataplus wishes to contribute to your tactical and strategic goals. This is the basis of a long term professional relationship. Dataplus believes true cyber security is an ongoing process and never a one time fix.

Our products are future-proof and adaptable to your specific IT-environment to provide you with the best service. This includes cloud services, hybrid clouds and on-premises solutions.

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