Cloud Services

Transition to Cloud Services

Cloud Services

You are looking into transitioning to the cloud. Perhaps because of the many benefits or the financial gains. In general the scalability and the pay per use are considered the biggest pros. The technical maintenance is no longer a concern. And you will even save on electricity. The cloud is the modern way of working that more and more companies are implementing every day.

Cloud environments require a level of knowledge. The financial maintenance can be difficult and there are legal factors which have to be considered. Moreover, you will be dependent on the cloud provider.

Don't underestimate the transition to the cloud. Before you transition, you should conisder what hosting provider is most suited to your company's needs. A good strategy to implement security is needed. In addition, your staff has to be trained to work in a cloud-environment. And the current system has to be migrated to the cloud.

You can read more about the different forms of clouds in this blog.

To support you in this process Dataplus has developed its Cloud Services. This is a bundle of services which you can use to make a seamless transition to the cloud.

What can Dataplus do for me?

Cloud Solutions

There are many questions that need answers when you're considering clouds. Which cloud solutions are available? Which extranet and intranet options are the right ones? Will I go for Microsoft Azure or a different solution? How will I implement telephone, chat and online conferencing? How will I monitor these services? Is it possible with a hybrid cloud setup? As your partner we will happily answer all of these questions. With our years of experience and vast knowledge we will be of service. A partner that knows the market and can tell you all about the possibilities and impossibilities is what you need.

Cloud Experience Center

We provide more than just information. User experience is key. We can provide your organisation with a Cloud Experience Center to demonstrate the benefits of Cloud Services. Catered to your specific needs or preferences. In this way you can experiment with different solutions, ask questions and inform yourself on the best options. The Experience Center is not location-bound. We travel to a location nearby to minimalise travelling. We will arrange for a snack and a drink to ensure comfort.

Cloud assessment

With the Cloud Assessment we will determine which parts of your infrastructure can be transferred to the cloud. We will also assess the hardware, if it is still up to par. After this assessment it will be clear what the recommended cloud type is, how the transition will be phased and who plays what role in the process. We will assist you by composing a roadmap, which describes time frames and roles.


Together we will make a comprehensive plan for your Cyber Security, data protection, compliance and governance. In this plan we will examine the security which you need for your cloud-environment. Furthermore we will support you in making a GDPR-proof approach and assist you in upgrading awareness of your employees. How aware are they of the potential risks?

Training and education

Besides the technical part it is important that your users can work with the new environment. To ensure this we will setup a tailor-made training program. Each user has it's own knowledge level. When we train your employees well, the efficiency level of your organisation will go up.


Do you want a successful transition to the cloud?


We will implement the cloud migration for you. After assessing the current and desired situation we will design solutions to solve the differences. By implementing, testing and carrying out the solutions we ensure a successful transition to the cloud.

Development and testing

A cloud platform will support the most programming languages and frameworks. In this way your developers can continue to build apps in their favorite languages. In addition to the benefits of local app building, cloud-based environments offer more testing, security and datacontrol options, increasing the app development speed.


In principe verdwijnt het technisch beheer bij cloud-migratie helemaal uit uw bedrijf. Dat is een verandering die in uw organisatie nogal wat overhoop haalt. Het ondersteunen van gebruikers verandert ook. De cloud brengt nieuwe mogelijkheden met zich mee, zoals het toelaten van externe gebruikers op uw omgeving. Hoe gaat u die ondersteunen? En hoe richt u de ondersteuning van mobiele devices in? De aanpak van storingen verandert ook. Omdat het technisch beheer is uitbesteed, heeft u te maken met een externe partij die storingen voor u moet oplossen. Die beheerder voert ook updates door die impact kunnen hebben op uw apps. Daarvoor moeten ook procedures worden ingericht. Dataplus helpt u daarbij.


Wanneer de migratie gebeurd is, zijn er altijd nog zaken die gemonitord moeten worden en geoptimaliseerd kunnen worden. Wij helpen u uw cloud omgeving dusdanig in te richten dat u niet voor vervelende of onverwachte facturen komt te staan. Daarnaast helpen we u met het bepalen van uw budgetten, indien u dit wenst. Ook laten we u zien hoe u ervoor zorgt dat niet-gebruikte machines in uw cloud automatisch uit gaan, zodat dit geen onnodige kosten voor u met zich meebrengt. Ten slotte kijken we met u naar hoe we uw virtuele machines zo weinig mogelijk kunnen laten kosten.


Each quarter we will evaluate if the roadmap is being implemented correctly and on time. Moreover, the migration route will be evaluated on a monthly basis.

Can I benefit from my unused software licenses?

Dataplus can support you in the sale of unused licenses. We are experienced in these situations and are familiar with reliable vendors and relevant legal information.


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